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    AYUDANTES EN COVID-19 von Bacon, Beth

    Una explicación objetiva pero optimista de la pandemia de coronavirus

    Ganador del Concurso de libros infantiles de Emory Global Health Institute de 2020.

    ¿Busca formas honestas pero positivas de hablar con los niños sobre el Coronavirus-19 (Covid-19)? AYUDANTES EN COVID-19 describe la pandemia de forma objetiva pero optimista. Este cuento asegura a los niños y sus padres que muchas personas, incluidos los niños mismos, están ayudando a combatir el virus. En AYUDANTES EN COVID-19, las bellas y coloridas ilustraciones de Kary Lee y las claras y reconfortantes palabras de Beth Bacon explican a los niños que, aunque se sientan asilados e indefensos, no están solos.

    De hecho, al quedarse en casa durante la cuarentena, desempeñan un papel importante para ayudar a bajar la tasa de infección de coronavirus. Este libro ayuda a padres, maestros y bibliotecarios a conversar sobre muchos temas de la pandemia, como por ejemplo:

    • El cierre de escuelas, parques y teatros debido a reglas de cuarentena o resguardo en el lugar
    • Distanciamiento social
    • Uso de mascarillas durante la pandemia
    • Sentimientos de impotencia, aislamiento y aburrimiento causados por las reglas de distanciamiento social
    • Investigación médica para poner fin a la pandemia
    • Cancelación de eventos deportivos y fiestas de cumpleaños

    Además, las páginas adicionales explican:

    • Datos sobre el virus Covid-19
    • Qué pueden hacer los niños para no adquirir Covid-19

    Aun durante la pandemia, las comunidades de todo el mundo cuentan con muchos ayudantes para luchar contra esta nueva enfermedad: médicos, enfermeros, investigadores, científicos, agricultores, camioneros, recolectores de basura, comerciantes, empleados de correo, líderes gubernamentales, periodistas, y hasta niños en cuarentena.

    "COVID-19 Helpers is a definite must-have and must-read for the people who are struggling during this crisis.
    The book is very useful and helpful for parents, teachers, and librarians who seek to discuss the many issues of a global pandemic. Children will be able to understand why school closures, park closures, and theater closures are vital in keeping the community safe and healthy.
    The illustrated book also tackles social distancing guidelines and the importance of wearing a face mask or covering during the pandemic. Bacon and Lee also offer insight and a solution to the feeling of helplessness, isolation, and boredom caused by restrictive shelter-in-place policies.
    The COVID-19 Helpers covers all bases and features the latest medical research that discusses the steps that people should take to see the end of the pandemic. It also talks about the various sporting events that have been moved or cancelled as well as birthday party celebrations that have been postponed.
    The book ends with facts every child and adult should know about the global health threat and what young kids can do to avoid contracting the virus. Best of all, it highlights the efforts communities, medical workers, farmers, shopkeepers, and other front liners everywhere are doing during the coronavirus lockdown." -Danielle Ong, Latin Post

    "Kid-friendly text pairs with playful illustrations to gently inform and reassure children experiencing activity restriction due to COVID-19. A reassuring, child-friendly explanation of COVID-19 and the many ways people, including kids, are helping to keep us all safe."-Laurie Thompson, author of Be A Changemaker

    "In times of crisis, children may feel helpless. They feel as if they have no power to effect change. Covid-19 Helpers shows kids that they can be part of the solution." -Laurie Wallmark, author of Numbers in Motion: Sophie Kowalevski, Queen of Mathematics

    "Kids and those who love them will feel their hearts give a proud and hopeful thump thump thump as they read about these Covid-19 helpers-including kids, themselves." -Jane Kurtz, author of Planet Jupiter

    "Informative and sensitive book about caring for ourselves and the world in a global pandemic era." -Suma Subrahamian, contributing author of The Hero Next Door

    Autor Bacon, Beth / Lee, Kary (Illustr.) / Kaminsky, Norma (Übers.)
    Verlag Ingram Publishers Services
    Einband Kartonierter Einband (Kt)
    Erscheinungsjahr 2020
    Seitenangabe 48 S.
    Meldetext Noch nicht erschienen, November 2020
    Ausgabekennzeichen Spanisch
    Abbildungen Color illustrations throughout
    Coverlag Blair (Imprint/Brand)
    Kartonierter Einband (Kt)
    Noch nicht erschienen, November 2020
    Fr. 11.60

    Über den Autor Bacon, Beth

    When Beth Bacon was young, she loved to read. Now she loves to write. Her other books include I Hate Reading, The Worst Book Ever, The Book No One Wants To Read and Blank Space. She earned an MFA in writing for children from Vermont College of Fine Arts. She also has a degree in communications from NYU and a degree in literature from Harvard. She and her husband have two sons, a cat, and lately, lots of foreign exchange students. VISIT HER WEB SITE at

    As a kid, if Kary Lee wasn't in her backyard painting or tapping at the typewriter, she was most likely directing (bossing around) the neighborhood kids in one of her screenplays. After college, she landed a job as an art director because she liked the bossy part. She took a painting class and won a book illustration award. Five books and a Mom's Choice award later, she's never looked back. Kary lives in Seattle with her husband Charles and a backyard bunny. VISIT HER WEB SITE at

    Emory Global Health Institute (EGHI) brings together diverse disciplines to tackle global health issues. In 2020, Covid-19 began spreading around the United States. Inspired by his grandchildrens' questions about the pandemic, Dr. Jeffrey Koplan, the Director of EGHI and Vice President for Global Health at Emory University, believed children's books could provide answers. So EGHI held an ebook competition. 260 stories were submitted. Covid-19 Helpers is the winning book.

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