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The Island in the Sound, the third collection by Scottish poet Niall Campbell, creates an archipelago of memories, lyrics, observations and folktales that place the small islands of his birthplace into conversation with moments from literature and history.

In this collection, mirroring the islands' precarious future, we uncover strange links to Rome falling, Lindisfarne, and the temporary heaven found in Alamut, North Iran. The waters that churn around the islands in the poems bring strange things to their shores: saints, remnants of various types of havens, crab-boxes, and figures from the working-class lives of Uist. It is a poetry collection attuned to the growing sense that something is changing around us and there never will be a going back. These islands in the sound are what's left: shaped, crafted, riven by the strange tuneful sea they sprang from.

Niall Campbell's first collection, Moontide (2014), won both the £20,000 Edwin Morgan Poetry Award and the Saltire First Book of the Year Award as well as being shortlisted for three other major prizes. His second collection, Noctuary (2019), was shortlisted for the Forward Prize for Best Collection. Born and raised on South Uist in the Outer Hebrides, he now lives in Fife. He is editor of the leading UK poetry journal Poetry London.

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A noctuary is a diary for the late hours, a time for reflection in these lyrical poems about discovering what it means to be a young father, anxious, caring and protective, deeply connected to the new, precious life of another human being. Noctuary is Scottish poet Niall Campbell's second collection, following his highly praised debut Moontide.

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