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Carolina Wren Pr


Inside the Money Machine is poetry for the immense majority for those who work for a living, out of the house or at home, from the laundromat to the classroom, from blue-collar construction sites to white-collar desk jobs. These fresh, gritty and passionate poems are about the people who survive and resist inside the money machine of 21st-century capitalism: those who ve looked for work and not found it, who ve held a job but wanted more out of life, who believe a better world is still possible. Inspired by the poetic prose of The Communist Manifesto, Inside the Money Machine draws its power from Pratt s own working life and grass-roots organizing, and the struggles of neighbors, co-workers, political activists and loved ones. Pratt writes from inside the failing money machine: The problem is, the plan is not ours. In the tradition of the socially engaged poetry of Muriel Rukeyser and Langston Hughes, Nazim Hikmet of Turkey and Pablo Neruda of Chile, these poems speak to the unfinished work of this moment in history, in a way that poetry seldom does. Inside the Money Machine urges: Let us follow ourselves into a present not ruled by the past.

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