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    Hersteller: Profile Books Ltd

    Journeys Out of the Body von Monroe, Robert A.

    When, unpredictably and against his will, Robert Monroe began to have out-of-body experiences, he was frightened and disbelieving. He found that he could leave his physical body to places far removed from the material and spiritual realities of life on earth. He came to inhabit a world unbounded by death or time. As Robert Monroe met many other people who have had similar experiences and read the literature of the East that documents the long history of this phenomenon his fears were alleviated. His journeys became more frequent and began to change his life. This classic, first-hand account of out-of-body experiences challenges us to revise our ideas about life and death. Robert Monroe's step-by-step instructions invite the reader to initiate their own out-of-body experiences.
    Autor Monroe, Robert A.
    Verlag Profile Books Ltd
    Einband Kartonierter Einband (Kt)
    Erscheinungsjahr 1989
    Seitenangabe 288 S.
    Meldetext Folgt in ca. 10 Arbeitstagen
    Ausgabekennzeichen Englisch
    Masse H20.1 cm x B12.7 cm x D1.8 cm 210 g
    Auflage Main
    Kartonierter Einband (Kt)
    Folgt in ca. 10 Arbeitstagen
    Fr. 15.90

    Über den Autor Monroe, Robert A.

    Robert Monroe is the founder of the internationally renowned Monroe Institute for Applied Sciences, known for its work on the effects of sound wave forms on human behaviour, and the Mind Research Institute, which undertakes extensive psychological and psychic research.

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