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    La storia di Jana, il piccolo camoscio che ha paura di saltare. Italiano-Inglese / The story of the little Chamois Chloe, who does not want to leap. Italian-English (Audio Download) von Wilhelm, Wolfgang

    Volume 4 del libri e audiolibri della serie "Bella la coccinella" / Number 4 from the books and radio plays series "Ladybird Marie"
    Nuova edizione in italiano del classico inglese!Bella la coccinella fa una gita in montagna, dove incontra il piccolo camoscio Jana, che ha paura di saltare.Ma poi arriva una slavina, che rinchiude Bella e Jana in una grotta...New release of the classic in Italian-English!Ladybird Marie travels into the mountains and meetslittle chamois Chloe who doesn't like to leap over hedges and ditches.But then an avalanche breaks loose.Chloe and Marie are trapped in a cave?
    Autor Wilhelm, Wolfgang / Kinderbuchverlag, Marienkäfer Marie (Prod.) / Winkler, Ingmar (Komponist) / Gramm, Benedikt (Komponist) / Ball, Zorica (Gelesen) / Wilhelm, Wolfgang (Reg.) / Kiefer, Sebastian (Komponist) / Constanzo, Laura (Gelesen)
    Verlag Marie Kinderbuchverlag
    Einband Audio Download
    Erscheinungsjahr 2017
    Ausgabekennzeichen Italienisch
    Masse 68'645 KB
    Plattform MP3
    Reihe Bella la coccinella / Ladybird Marie
    Verlagsartikelnummer 978-3-946006-47-3
    Audio Download
    Fr. 11.55

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    Über den Autor Wilhelm, Wolfgang

    The author Wolfgang Wilhelm lives in Freiburg, Germany and he has written several series of children's stories (books and radio plays with songs). They have already been translated into ten languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Mongolian and Chinese.His greatest success was the nomination of his book Ladybird Marie for the Prix Europa (Europe's best radio play).

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