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Watch 40 natural wonders unfold

CHF 25.50

This joy-filled collection of recipes, crafts, stories and games celebrates festivals and holidays all around the world. Celebrations happen in many different ways. Have you ever decorated a tree at solstice, cooked dumplings for Mother's Day or made a paper dragons for Lunar New Year? A book to help us learn about other cultures, connect with the passing seasons and bring meaning to the year.

CHF 25.50

This beautifully illustrated bingo game features 48 baked goods from around the world.

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A quirky compendium of animal chatterboxes

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If all the scientists are saving the world... who is working on time travel? Scientists who are zooming through space, protecting the planet, singing with whales... and even learning how fast things travel through time. Get ready to meet more than 20 inspiring, real-life scientists, and discover how they started asking questions... just like YOU!

CHF 18.30

"Once, atop a cold, dark mountain, there was an old wooden chest. And in the chest, there was a treasure so special that it could make your dreams come true. Or so it was said..."Join Hare as she sets off to find the treasure, hoping for an exciting adventure. On the way, she meets Bear, whose dream is to make friends, and Bird, whose dream is to overcome shyness. But when they eventually get to the top and find the treasure, they realise that they've already found what they're looking for. Perfect for ages 4+, this stunning picture book teaches that real treasure is not gold, but rather friendship holds the most value of all. * A stunning debut picture book* A heart-warming celebration of friendship and perseverance

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Do you believe in fairies? Would you like to join a secret club of fairy experts, who search for and look after fairies and other magical creatures in the wild?

Now is the time to earn your place in the Secret Fairy Club. Earn ten badges on your journey towards becoming an official Secret Fairy Club member, then discover a SECOND, HIDDEN HANDBOOK for only the truest friend of the fairies. Guard the precious knowledge within these pages for the good of all magical kind...

CHF 21.50