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Marissa Lete


In the aftermath of falling into Alice's carefully laid trap, Laura finds herself imprisoned in the Anomaly Containment Association-an underground government facility dedicated to the research and containment of anomalies. And even though the place feels relatively safe, Alice is plotting something that might put all of their lives in danger. Laura knows she needs to stop Alice, and soon, but now that she's under constant surveillance and separated from most of her friends, she can't do much. The ACA's tight security makes it impossible to even speak freely without the fear of being reprimanded by Alice herself. Fortunately, an unlikely ally agrees to hear Laura out, but even with the help of someone on the inside, the odds seem stacked against her. And the longer Laura is trapped in the ACA, the more she learns about the organization and its sinister hidden agendas. In this riveting conclusion to the Echoes trilogy, Laura is faced with some of her biggest challenges yet. Will she be able to discover the true power she wields in time to fix everything? Or will her enemies triumph yet again?

CHF 30.05