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Michael Nathanson


The Council of Practitioners of Jihad sounds the call for an unprecedented meeting. Over 200 prominent jihadis from all over the world will gather in Mecca during the Hajj for a secret meeting, ensured by their hosts. They have not officially met since the group's formation some thirty years earlier, and leadership wants to revive the vision and renew the purpose, strategy and tactics of the next generation. Power moves, treachery and sectarian infighting threaten unity. The vision cast is for the creation of United World Islam, a globally unified force to topple the West within ten years. New tools, methods and practices will strengthen the next wave of terrorists. Ultimately a unified, unstoppable military confrontation is planned. Armageddon. FBI agents Gerry Bolton, Jan Hanson and now FBI Special Agent Aziz Malawi return from Cries of the Eagle. Bolton and Hanson find themselves tracking down clues to the murders of several high-profile government officials across the country that share too many common details. When the truth is revealed it is positively alarming. Aziz Malawi, easy-going, basketball and movie loving American Muslim patriot embarks upon his career as an official special agent of the FBI, probing into the underworld of terrorist activities in America. He is drawn by chance into a very dark world he thought was only the conjured tales of fictional plots and film, but now is all too real. He calls upon the skills of his prior life as an engineer along with his natural acting ability to craft a plausible legend. Aziz is plunged into the workings of a large-scale terrorist operation in America. He is accepted and employed. He must live his legend as a terrorist to the fullest to get close enough to take it down. His FBI team must give him enough leash to get the job done yet extract him before he becomes another victim of this brutal world. Curse of the Eagle is a work of "faction," combining elements of history, a suspense thriller and modern-day reality.

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