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Own the definitive Authors' Cut edition of Storm Seed, the seventh volume in the iconic Sacred Band series. High adventure awaits in Storm Seed by Janet & Chris Morris: - Travel with the Sacred Band of Stepsons to a future undreamed. - Meet the changeling son of Tempus and the Froth Daughter. - Learn what it takes to become a dragon. - Bring gods to a godless realm. Tempus the Black, avatar of the Storm God, and his partner Niko reunite the Sacred Band for a mission to a dying world. And from there -- should the gods allow -- to mystical Lemuria. - Praise for the Sacred Band series: "Janet Morris, Tempus (1987), and, with Chris Morris, Tempus Unbound (1989), The Sacred Band (2010). "A fantasy series about the Sacred Band of Stepsons, an elite army modeled on the fourth-century B.C.E. Sacred Band of Thebes. The stories explore the fraught personal relationships of mixed hetero- and homosexual troops, only sometimes paired, as they fight for their commander, the immortal Tempus. Morris includes archaeological and historical details, from physical items to social practices, religion, and philosophy, to create a fantasy world that is, in many ways, more historically accurate than many popular accounts of antiquity." -- Robert W. Cape, Jr, in Classical Traditions in Science Fiction, Brett M. Rogers & Benjamin Eldon Stevens, eds., Oxford University Press

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After the Battle of Meridian . . . New blood and old warriors face unforeseen challenges as one war ends in triumph and another conflict looms. Stories you'll love to hear again and stories you've been hoping to hear for the first time in a brand-new Sacred Band anthology that takes the Stepsons where they've never been before... Tales of risk and glory, past, present and future, among the Sacred Band of Stepsons cavalry in The Fish the Fighter and the Song-girl, the latest Sacred Band novelized anthology, including the new title novella, 'The Fish the Fighters and the Song-girl.' Tempus and his Sacred Band won the battle of their dreams, but now the time has come to count the cost and face the consequences in fifteen tales, old and new, of the iconic Sacred Band of Stepsons, including the last six classic Sacred Band stories from the million-copy bestselling shared universe of Thieves' World® and nine new adventures available nowhere else.

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Welcome to the twenty-fifth century. Joe South, test pilot who'd been lost for five centuries in the unexplored territory known as sponge-space, had at last begun to carve a place for himself in this human society that was so different from his own. But he knew, as perhaps no one else did, that the mysterious, seemingly unbreachable Ball - towed in-system by a crazy old scavenger and now floating far too close to Threshold - represented dangers beyond imagining. South had given up trying to tell this to the humans of the United Nationals of Earth, but now things were about to change. Now people would listen and believe. South only hoped it wasn't already too late.

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