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    Hersteller: Wiley

    Resonate (eBook) von Duarte, Nancy

    Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences
    Reveals the underlying story form of all great presentations that will not only create impact, but will move people to action

    Presentations are meant to inform, inspire, and persuade audiences. So why then do so many audiences leave feeling like they've wasted their time? All too often, presentations don't resonate with the audience and move them to transformative action.

    Just as the author's first book helped presenters become visual communicators, Resonate helps you make a strong connection with your audience and lead them to purposeful action. The author's approach is simple: building a presentation today is a bit like writing a documentary. Using this approach, you'll convey your content with passion, persuasion, and impact.

    • Author has a proven track record, including having created the slides in Al Gore's Oscar-winning An Inconvenient Truth
    • Focuses on content development methodologies that are not only fundamental but will move people to action
    • Upends the usual paradigm by making the audience the hero and the presenter the mentor
    • Shows how to use story techniques of conflict and resolution

    Presentations don't have to be boring ordeals. You can make them fun, exciting, and full of meaning. Leave your audiences energized and ready to take action with Resonate.

    Autor Duarte, Nancy
    Verlag John Wiley & Sons
    Einband PDF
    Erscheinungsjahr 2010
    Seitenangabe 272 S.
    Ausgabekennzeichen Englisch
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    Plattform PDF
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    Über den Autor Duarte, Nancy

    Since 1988, Nancy Duarte's award-winning firm has created over a quarter of a million presentations that have shaped the perception of the world's leading brands and thought leaders. Duarte Design is one of the largest design firms and woman-owned businesses in Silicon Valley, and its clients include: Adobe, Cisco, Citrix, Food Network, Facebook, GE, Google, Al Gore, HP, Kaiser Permanente, McAfee, Microsoft, Nokia, Qualcomm, TED, and Twitter.

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