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Scare Street


Nightfall is the prime time for terror…

In the jungles of Vietnam, Hell on earth awaits a troop of unsuspecting GIs. A greedy gravedigger faces deadly repercussions for stealing from the dead. And love comes with a terrible price when a lonely woman turns to a witch to fulfill her heart's desires… Plunge into darkness with Scare Street's new collection of bone-chilling terror. This demonic volume contains thirteen sinister tales of supernatural horror. Enough to keep you reading into the darkest hours of the night. Things look different in the moonlight. The branches of a tree become a monster's claws. The shadows around your window seem like wraiths, rising from the underworld. And the space beneath your bed becomes the perfect spot for a snarling beast to hide… But don't worry. Soon the sun will rise, and everything will go back to normal. Assuming you make it through the night… This collection contains: 1. Search and Destroy by Richard Beauchamp 2. As Seen from Above by Dustin Walker 3. The Gravedigger by Daniel J. Bickley 4. Cuckoo, Cherry Tree by R.G. Evans 5. The Sanction by Damir Salkovic 6. The Old Man's Neighbor by Gordon Dunleavy 7. The Witch of the Woods by Jamie Zaccaria 8. Osuzumebachi by Matthew McKiernan 9. With Lying Tongues, With Words of Hatred by Spencer Koelle 10. Silver Maples by Tim Jeffreys 11. The Strange Journey of James Booth by Justin Boote 12. The Summer with No Tourists by Alethea Avery 13. Children's Home by Ron Ripley

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Nightmares can't really hurt you… can they?

An evil from beyond the stars haunts a young boy and his father at Roswell Airbase. The survivors of a sunken warship take refuge on a deserted island, and discover they are not alone. And terror checks in at an old motel, when a vacationing family finds themselves trapped in an ancient curse… Scare Street journeys into the night to bring you a new volume of skin-crawling terror. This macabre collection contains thirteen chilling tales of supernatural horror. And each story will sweep you away to a world of dark dreams and fantastical nightmares… Some believe that if you see yourself die in your dreams, then your heart will stop. But that's just an old wives' tale, isn't it? After all, the icy chill of death lurks within every story in this ghastly tome. And your heart hasn't stopped yet. In fact, with each turn of the page, you can hear it beating faster and faster… This bone-chilling supernatural collection contains: 1. Live Bait by Jude Reid 2. The Hungry Worm by Michael D. Nye 3. The Magician Needs a Volunteer by Matt Brandenburg 4. Lab Incident, 1947 by Martin Zeigler 5. A House Divided by M. B. Vujacic 6. Sundown and Shadows by Michelle Tang 7. The Old Coach Inn by Kris Ashton 8. Ashes to Ashes by Robert Douglas 9. Folie-a-Deux by Gina Easton 10. Do Something Funny by Clark Boyd 11. Fertile Soil by Brian Sperl 12. Night Dive by Drew Starling 13. Home Sick by Ron Ripley

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Beware of what's creeping in the dark… An elderly farmer learns the horrifying truth beyond the phrase "True love never dies". Something sinister lurks behind the distant eyes of a mother's traumatized son. And a gravedigger slowly descends into madness, as he grows obsessed with the corpse of a little girl… Scare Street's latest collection shines a flickering candle on the terrifying forces of darkness that haunt our dreams. Death, madness, obsession… The darker side of the human psyche is revealed with each bone-chilling page of these fourteen macabre tales. Come along on a journey into the eternal night. Delve into the secrets and mysteries that hide in the darkness, just beyond the light. They're reaching out for you, grasping at your flesh, pulling you closer, whispering in your ear. And once you give in to their siren song of shadows, there's no turning back… Featuring the following short stories: 1. Jelly by P. D. Williams 2. This New Creature by Georgia Cook 3. Stargazer by Laszlo Tamasfi 4. Ant Traps by William Presley 5. Sarah Jane by Don Gillette 6. My Dead Brother by Raymund P. Reyes 7. Metamorphosed by Ross S. Simon 8. It Happened on Sunday Street by Bryson Richard 9. The Delicate Sound of Music by Justin Boote 10. The Briefcase by K. C. Dunford 11. Something Juicy by Jon Clark 12. Charlie in the Attic by Russell Richardson 13. Prodigal Son by John Gallant 14. The Dreamcatcher by Ron Ripley and Kevin Saito

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Your worst nightmares stalk you from the shadows…

Polluted waters unleash a bloodthirsty terror in a small Ontario town. A father and daughter seek sanctuary in an old village church, only to discover that evil knows no bounds. And insanity plagues a young girl, as she struggles to prove the monster in her basement is not a figment of her imagination… Evil is unleashed in Scare Street's latest bone-chilling collection of supernatural horror. Fourteen tales of terror lurk within this new volume-more than enough to give even the bravest soul a reason to fear the night. As your eyes flutter open, you can still see dark images in your mind… Horrifying monsters, demons, and ghouls with a hunger for human flesh. You could hear their cries, feel their razor-sharp claws against your skin. But was it real? Or was it just another bad dream? Then you hear footsteps in the shadows beyond your bed. And a hungry howl echoes through the night once more. A chill runs down your spine. Because this time, the nightmare is real. And it's getting closer… This bone-chilling supernatural collection contains: 1. The Metamorphosis by Angelique Fawns 2. The Churchyard Grim by Warren Benedetto 3. In the Pale Blue Light by J. Z. Pitts 4. Josephine's Darlings by K. D. Bowers 5. Last Dance by Sean Goulding 6. Elias Loch by D. M. Woolston 7. Eddie by Sinéad McCabe 8. The Rustle of Autumn Leaves by Bryson Tuckerman 9. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall by Carl Hughes 10. Black Mold by Stuart Hardy 11. Awash by Dominick Cancilla 12. Cicada's Song by Holley Cornetto 13. The Cats in the Walls by Thomas C. Mavroudis 14. In Rose Hall by Ron Ripley

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The dark side is waiting…

Fish N' Chips lead a curious traveler to a sinister island, where the residents are more than they seem. Forbidden occult knowledge strands a pair of friends in a terrifying nexus of evil. And an ancient ice storm forces a wandering tribe to choose between following a bloodthirsty shaman, or the glowing lights in the sky… Venture into new realms of terror with Scare Street's latest bone-chilling collection. This spine-tingling volume contains fifteen ghastly tales of horror and the paranormal. More than enough to while away the hours, as you lose yourself in the shadows of the night. The deeper you plunge into this realm of terror, the farther away the real world seems. But don't worry… just turn the page and stay a bit longer. We're sure you'll be able to find your way back. Just listen for the screams in the darkness. And pray they aren't your own… This volume contains the following: 1. The Fish'r Men by David Turton 2. The Faces at the Window by Bob Johnston 3. From the Ashes by Bryan Wolford 4. The Neighbors by Peter Cronsberry 5. The Ferryman by Nicholas Paschall 6. Slug by Matias Travieso-Diaz 7. Folsom Lake by Karl Melton 8. Obsidian by Richard Beauchamp 9. Edward's Couch by Robert Douglas 10. What Lovely Petunias by Mark Towse 11. The Delirium of Negation by Justin Boote 12. I Just Write the Damned Thing by Samuel Thomas Fraser 13. A Clearing by Sam Lesek 14. Northern Lights by Drew Starling 15. Wind Chimes by Ron Ripley

CHF 4.50