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    Hersteller: Random House N.Y.

    Tatt Book von Aloi, Joseph Ari

    Visionaries of Tattoo
    Featuring some of the most important contemporary tattoo artists who are making cutting-edge graphics, typography, and customized artistic masterpieces. Tatt Book: Visionaries of Tattoo is a unique collection of the designs of the most creative contemporary tattoo artists from around the world. These contemporary tattooists are, first and foremost, artists creating tattoo designs inked on the human body as well as works for galleries and personal collections. Curated by the renowned artist JK5 and including work from over twenty distinguished artists, such as Stephanie Tamez, Mike Giant, and Scott Harrison, Tatt Book explores the intricate customized body art and also the artwork these “inking” geniuses do outside the tattoo studio. This will be an indispensable reference catalogue for type forms, illustration, fine art, and design in a time where tattoos are a mark of personal creativity and individuality.      
    "JK5 and many of the other artists featured in this book have wait-lists months long, and have tattooed everyone from Marc Jacobs, Ad-Rock from the Beastie Boys, Penelope Cruz, and the late Heath Ledger. But their artwork goes beyond just the skin, and “Tatt Book” published by Rizzoli features some of the leading names in tattooing and an incredible collection of the most stunning pieces of artwork, both on skin and paper. Through gorgeous photographs, this book is an exacting tribute to this corporeal art form and to the men and women who advanced the trade, both the artists and those who decide to get inked." ~slamxhype
    Autor Aloi, Joseph Ari / Mccormick, Carlo (Einf.)
    Verlag Random House N.Y.
    Einband Kartonierter Einband (Kt)
    Erscheinungsjahr 2011
    Seitenangabe 288 S.
    Meldetext Neuauflage/Nachdruck unbestimmt
    Ausgabekennzeichen Englisch
    Abbildungen Farb. Abb.
    Coverlag Universe (Imprint/Brand)
    Kartonierter Einband (Kt)
    Neuauflage/Nachdruck unbestimmt
    Fr. 27.90

    Über den Autor Aloi, Joseph Ari

    Author and curator Joseph Ari Aloi, aka JK5, is an artist, designer, writer, toy creator, media franchiser, filmmaker, and tattoo artist. In his seventeen years tattooing, he has "inked" fellow visionaries such as Marc Jacobs and Heath Ledger, while formulating his signature style and approach to letterforms. Carlo McCormick is a curator, cultural critic, and the author of numerous books. He is the senior editor at Paper Magazine.

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