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    The Commemorative Edition Of Pihkal And Tihkal von Shulgin, Alexander T

    The Commemorative Edition of PiHKAL and TIHKAL, a four volume set complete with 200 original photographs, art, poetry, and numerous anecdotes and reminiscences by colleagues and close friends, chronicles the explorations of psychopharmacologist Alexander Shulgin and his wife Ann Shulgin into the families of psychoactive compounds known as phenethylamines and tryptamines.

    Autor Shulgin, Alexander T / Shulgin, Ann
    Verlag Transform Press,U.S.
    Einband Kartonierter Einband (Kt)
    Erscheinungsjahr 2018
    Seitenangabe 1 S.
    Meldetext Fehlt beim Verlag, resp. Auslieferung/Lieferant
    Ausgabekennzeichen Englisch
    Abbildungen 200 Illustrations, unspecified
    Masse H23.6 cm x B15.4 cm x D11.6 cm 3'638 g
    Kartonierter Einband (Kt)
    Fehlt beim Verlag, resp. Auslieferung/Lieferant
    Fr. 131.10

    Über den Autor Shulgin, Alexander T

    Alexander "Sasha" Shulgin (June 17, 1925 - June 2, 2014) was an American medicinal chemist, biochemist, organic chemist, pharmacologist, psychopharmacologist, and author. He is credited with introducing MDMA ("ecstasy", "mandy" or "molly") to psychologists in the late 1970s for psychopharmaceutical use, and for the discovery, synthesis and personal bioassay of over 230 psychoactive compounds for their psychedelic and entactogenic potential.

    Ann Shulgin co-founded Transform Press in 1991 with her husband, Sasha Shulgin, out of their shared passion and commitment to an uncensored examination of psychoactive compounds. Through the Press they co-authored and published PiHKAL: A Chemical Love Story (1991) and TiHKAL: The Continuation (1997), the two cult classics based on their psychedelic experiences. They also contributed jointly to several other publications including, The Secret Chief, The Secret Chief Revealed, Entheogens and the Future of Religion, and Ecstasy: The Complete Guide. Ann has served as a lay therapist facilitating the use of MDMA and 2CB in therapeutic settings while those substances were still legal. She brings a Jungian orientation to her examination of psychedelic experiences, with a particular emphasis on the integration of the Shadow and an overarching theme of spirituality and unification with the divine in all things.

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