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    The Maze (eBook) von DeMille, Nelson

    ***The brand new John Corey bestseller from America's Greatest Living Thriller Writer.***

    'Bottom line, if a man is known by his enemies, I'm one helluva guy.'

    Former anti-terrorist cop John Corey is NYU - New York Unemployed - and watching his back, ever more convinced his past will soon catch up with him. Then a new opportunity comes calling, and with it, plenty of trouble . . .

    A series of bodies has been found along a beach close to his home and he can no longer deny that a serial killer is on the loose, and no one seems able to find the culprit. Is the failure to find the perpetrator a result of the department's oversight? Is it due to the fact the victims are prostitutes? Or is it something darker? Could the killer be someone on the inside?

    John Corey must root out friend and foe in this dazzling thriller, which features his trademark snark, matched by brilliant investigative skills, and the masterful plot twists that are a signature of the #1 New York Times bestseller Nelson DeMille.

    Autor DeMille, Nelson
    Verlag Little, Brown Book Group
    Einband Adobe Digital Editions
    Erscheinungsjahr 2021
    Seitenangabe 400 S.
    Meldetext Noch nicht erschienen, Juni 2021
    Ausgabekennzeichen Englisch
    Plattform EPUB
    Reihe John Corey; Sphere
    Adobe Digital Editions
    Noch nicht erschienen, Juni 2021
    Fr. 12.00

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    Nelson DeMille

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