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Mag and Clara Balefire are back and on the case. In the quaint town of Harmony, chaos is always just a wrinkle away. Welcome to the uproarious world of Mag and Clara Balefire, where life is anything but serene, and trouble seems to follow the sisters wherever they go. Things take a sinister turn when a dead body turns up at the prestigious Harmony Country Club. While Mag's busy sorting out the case, Clara discovers that the secrets of eternal youth might be hidden within the club's crystal-clear pool. With more than just chlorine in the water, Clara finds herself entangled in a cunning scheme to turn back time and restore her sister's youth. But in her quest to reclaim Mag's true age, she'll have to face the infamous troublemaker, Hagatha Crow, a meddlesome force determined to unleash chaos on the town. While Clara works on the spell she hopes will save her sister's life, Mag tries to track down a killer. One thing is for sure - in Harmony, life is never dull, and laughter is the best cosmetic. If you like a good paranormal mystery with a heaping dollop of sarcasm and wit, you'll love this humorous magical story full of chaos and intrigue.

CHF 34.10

Sister witches Margaret and Clara Balefire are beginning to wonder if they should have opened a detective agency instead of an antique shop. Taylor Dean was the worst mailman to ever put on a uniform. Everyone in the sleepy hamlet of Harmony thought so, but that didn't mean he deserved to get bashed in the head with a golf club. For Mag Balefire, the timing of his untimely death couldn't have been worse since he'd been spotted arguing with her on the morning of his murder. For the second time since moving to the sleepy hamlet of Harmony, Clara and Mag Balefire find themselves involved in a murder investigation-only this time, catching the killer means clearing the Balefire name. As if trying to catch a murderer wasn't enough, the mischievous elderly leader of the local coven seems intent on exposing magic to the entire town. However, things aren't always as they seem when it comes to ancient magic, and those powerful enough to wield it If you like magic, murder, and spunky old witches, then join the Balefire sisters as they stalk the local country club and build a love nest for perilous pixies in order to clear their good name.

CHF 27.85