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A deep dive into the Evolving Role of the PSL: featuring contributions from current PSLs, it provides up-to-the-minute intelligence from an insider's perspective on common issues and the solutions to tackle them. Advice from experts, ranging from knowledge management specialists to PSL recruiters, and compelling case studies that provide a crucial insight into real-world industry and career experience.

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In the five years since the first edition of this book published, there has been an accelerated rise in the number and influence of COO roles in the legal sphere. No longer the preserve of the largest national and international firms, mid-tier firms and even New Law and alternative legal service providers are considering a COO as a potential - perhaps even essential - component of law firm management, to achieve increased efficiency, productivity, and meet the demands of a highly competitive market.

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Emerging Approaches to Law Firm Profitability is the ideal tool to assist with the implementation of innovative business practices, providing essential guidance for those seeking new means of maximizing their firm's capacit

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