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Interactive Notebook: Language Arts, Grade 8 is designed to allow students to become active participants in their own learning by creating an interactive language arts notebook. The instructions given in the book lay out an easy-to-follow plan for setting up, creating, and maintaining an interactive notebook for studying language arts topics common in the eighth-grade curriculum. The lessons cover parts of speech, sentences, word usage, and capitalization and punctuation. This interactive approach to diagraming language arts concepts gives students many opportunities to utilize graphic organizers and demonstrate their knowledge through artistic creation, labeling, and verbal explanation. Students are encouraged to be creative, use color, and work with manipulatives to gain a greater understanding of the topics covered.

- Helps students record, store, and organize essential information

- Serves as a resource for review and test prep

- Involves both right-brain and left-brain activities for processing new information

- Correlated to current national, state, and provincial standards

Fr. 14.15