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This book presents the little-studied story of the history and documents of the pardons, passes, paroles and promises of loyalty used by both North and South. The words of the loyalty oaths required for passes, paroles and pardons grew over time from a few simple lines to several paragraphs. Conditions were added and pre-qualifications modified. This history provides insights into the politics, culture and battlefield realities present during the conduct of the war.

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Since cinema's earliest beginnings, there has been friction between producers and directors. Shady accounting practices, which favored the distributors at the expense of the filmmakers, were all too common, causing many filmmakers to form independent companies to make and distribute their own product. This book examines six such low-budget exploitation companies--Associated Distributors Productions, Filmgroup, Hemisphere Pictures, American General Pictures, Independent-International Pictures, Dimension Pictures, and the author's own American-Independent Productions. A brief history of each company, laced with quotes from the company's principals, is presented, followed by a filmography that lists all known credits for that company.

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