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The world is currently suffering from many problems. Disease, hunger, international conflicts. In many cases, human beings are the cause, but just as they are the cause, they can also be the solution. In this book, current problems are presented together with options for resolving them through the mechanisms of international law. If not humans to preserve the planet and their own species, who will?

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The development of the infant or baby is an exciting process, a path towards the growth of the child that, in many occasions, generates doubts in moms and dads, especially when it is their first child. In this book, we offer you all the information related to the psychophysical development of your little one, month by month, to guide you through the different stages of growth. If you need an agenda of child development, you are in the right place, this material will give you all the relevant information on the care of the new member of the family. In this book you will have a practical guide that you will always be able to consult, when in doubt and with the security of having truthful and contrasted information about the development of your son or daughter. We are delighted to accompany you in this precious stage of life!

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Article 3 of the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany already states that no one may be disadvantaged because of their disability.Unfortunately, this claim is still not completely fulfilled in the 21st century.The everyday life of people with an impairment/disability is still characterized by discrimination and obstacles. As a society, we should realize that the book topic of inclusion through participation concerns us all.

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This scientific essay offers a critical look at the management style deployed in Ivorian companies. In the current context where companies must face serious disruptions related to changes in their environment, performance remains the ultimate goal of any organization. The Ivorian management style, atypical and strongly influenced by the socio-cultural constraints of the country, does not seem to be consistent with this requirement of effectiveness and efficiency. This book is a contribution to the understanding of this paradox, using Geert Hofstede's culturalist model as an analytical framework. It opens new perspectives on collective innovation and managerial communication as a means to revitalize the management of Ivorian companies. The book is intended for African executives and managers, decision-makers, academics and students of management and other related sciences.

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In recent years, agriculture has contributed to the increase in degraded areas, deforestation of native areas and an increase in greenhouse gas emissions. Added to this are low production rates, poor economic returns and environmental degradation, resulting in rural exodus and poverty. The use of strategies such as pasture recovery through nitrogen fertilisation and, above all, the use of forage legumes, has made it possible to increase productivity and mitigate emissions. In extensive livestock farming, large quantities of nitrogen are returned to the environment through animal excreta, which can be cycled or lost through volatilisation and leaching. One of the intermediary gases in these processes is nitrous oxide, a gas with a high potential for global warming. Therefore, an approach that identifies the quantities and concentrations of nitrogen in cattle excreta in degraded pastures fertilised with nitrogen and intercropped with legumes allows for better adoption of emission mitigation strategies.

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The cultivar Tifton 85 is an interspecific hybrid (Cynodon spp.), which stands out for its high production of dry mass and high nutritional quality, provided that it is well managed and fertilized. The application of animal waste is a way to reduce production costs. Liquid swine manure contains nutrients that contribute to reducing the use of mineral fertilizers and has become an alternative in the fertilization of pastures in order to minimize the impacts generated by its disposal in the environment. Knowing the extractive and productive capacity of crops contributes to the conscious use of waste in agriculture.

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Inflammatory Bowel Disease usually affects young adults and has a chronic and relapsing clinical course, with an impact on quality of life, particularly in aspects related to health, education, work, social and family life. It is globally considered to be a disabling disease and responsible for a marked reduction in the person's quality of life. Despite the technological advances witnessed in recent years in an attempt to reduce the incidence rates of some chronic diseases, there has been a significant increase with direct and indirect implications for the quality of life of those affected and their families. In this sense, nurses are involved in the dynamisation of innovative activities, seeking to provide creative solutions for dealing with situations of chronic illness, aiming to improve the care provided and making a real difference to the day-to-day life of the person, family and community.

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I would firstly like to thank God for allowing me to have this experience. To my wife Catia and my son Leonardo for their support in carrying out this work, and for understanding when I was absent. To my mum, Ana, for her joy and great encouragement. To my friends at PPGE duc, Carlos, Ana and Gabriel for the great strength they gave me during some difficult times and for keeping me company during our training sessions. To my friend João, for his support when I needed it most, and to my friend Sergio Vieira, for his insistence that I take part in the selection process for the PPGEduc academic master's programme. If it hadn't been for him, I certainly wouldn't have had this whole experience.

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Holopragmatic methodology for agricultural producers.The social balance sheet, as an organizational management methodology, shows the set of management practices developed by a company, revealing its impact and the management of effects in its value chain. A holopragmatic methodology of social balance for the development of management practices of continuous improvement and social responsibility from agricultural producers, facilitates the realization of a new way of approaching the agricultural activity, with business criteria and management parameters that seek to provide practical solutions to production problems.

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The data of scientific studies concerning the stages of formation and the main effects of normal intestinal microflora are presented. The results of meta-analyses of studies on the effectiveness of probiotics in different areas of pediatrics are covered, the characteristics of the main groups of probiotics are presented, and recommendations for their use, adapted to local conditions, are given. A modern classification of probiotics is proposed.

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The monograph is devoted to the problem of revealing informal influence of labour collective on professional development of a young worker, who comes to the enterprise after training in an educational institution. The study underlying the monograph attempts not only qualitatively, but also quantitatively, to assess the socio-economic outcome of informal social interactions between Russian workers, belonging to different generations, regarding professional development. An important part of the monograph is the development of a sociological toolkit that allows the study of relationships in any organization. This book may be of interest not only to researchers, but also to managers and specialists of HR services of enterprises and organizations, solving the issues of optimizing work with personnel and reducing the turnover of young personnel.

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