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The Biology of Success is a concise scientific study focused on improving one's health, relationships, and finances. The arc of the book is to encourage people to get rich. The likelihood of getting rich is much higher when a person is healthy, are surrounded by people who support them, have a positive attitude, and are mentality focused on getting the things and circumstances they want. The author addresses these prerequisites with convincing fluidity. Nutrition is a major tenet to proper thinking, apt behavior and becoming wealthy. The author has included a comprehensive list of deficiency symptoms and foods for most of the of vitamins and minerals the body needs to function correctly. The book devotes significant attention to the power of sex; the biochemistry of intercourse, how sex affects mood and relationships, the damaging effect of masturbation, and how sex can lead to supernormal powers when the rejuvenating energy is directed to the brain. Every topic covered in The Biology of Success could be expanded into an individual book. Although brief, each chapter is layered with cogent research that builds on itself. The references for The Biology of Success are eclectic. The author synthesizes themes from the new thought movement, occult magic, and the teachings of Hindu monks as a guide to the path of prosperity. However, the power of the book lies in the evidence presented from the natural sciences. The use of physics, biochemistry, microbiology, and genetics make The Biology of Success a must read for anyone serious about recovering from disease, achieving optimum health, and becoming wealthy. The Biology of Success summarizes the arc by suggesting that getting rich is the inherent will of nature. Recognizing this, the author concludes the book with a chapter on the importance of generating passive income by investing in the stock market. It is your life; it is your choice. Get rich

Fr. 31.20

In this delightful children's fantasy story, a talented cheerleader relies on other people and a special "potion" to convince herself that she is a Cheer Legend. Along the way, her mother and grandmother help her to realize that she does not need anyone or anything to make her special. She already has everything she needs within herself. "The Cheer Legend" will encourage young girls in 2nd and 3rd grades to believe in themselves and to go after their dreams.

Fr. 34.10