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PerfBytes Press


Where do you find high value software performance professionals. Most people, when they think of a software performance professional, immediately think of a tester. It is worthwhile to stop and consider what is the desired outcome of your performance effort. Do you need to validate? To tune? To uncover deep architectural issues? The answer will often determine the type of individual you need to solicit on the open market: An architect, an engineer, or a tester. This book is targeted at those who need to recruit, to interview, and to objectively evaluate the capabilities of different classes of performance professionals even if you do not have a mature performance testing team that can evaluate the candidate. Recruiters Interviewers Personnel Managers Organizational Contacts For Outsourced Skills Product Owners This book is for you. To enable you to accurately identify the skills you need. You will gain insight into the foundational skills shared by high value performance professionals & how to interview for these skills. This book will save you from at least one bad hire.

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