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Modern Fairy Sightings has recently become one of the most vital and exciting podcasts in spiritual circles. This book is both a colourful celebration of these encounters and a practical exploration of the thinning veil between worlds happening now.

Reports of fairy sightings have become curiously common. Extraordinary encounters pervade our mundane lives, whether in the wilds of nature, unsuspecting back gardens or inside our homes. According to experiencers, after crossing this threshold of 'knowing' we are never quite the same. Our folklore reveals it has always been thus, but in these strange times a momentum is building.

Jo Hickey-Hall's Modern Fairy Sightings project began researching first-hand accounts in 2016. Guests on her podcast share personal stories of multi-sensory experiences that often result in personal transformations. Enlightening testimonies aid our passage through unprecedented, liminal times and are slowly helping us to realign our understanding of this Universe.

These strange things are happening everywhere now. Here is an uplifting and richly illustrated book that will show through first-person encounters that the world is far richer and multifaceted than we used to think it was and that maybe there is a vast shift taking place to a kinder and more beautiful world.

Fr. 12.20